One Piece 880 Spoiler by TrendingPinas

Source (Note that the source on mangahours says that he will be back just for this week) Please support VizMedia and other legal sources. Thanks :)
One Piece 880 was translated by

Pudding alters the memories of the cooks and Sanji leads them to create the new cake.
In the mirror world, Brûlée finds a new mirror that connects to the Sunny.
Luffy tries to break the mirror but Katakuri stops him.
Luffy finds a piece of the mirror connecting to the Sunny on the ground, he communicates with Nami and instructs her to break all mirrors on the ship.
Luffy: “Break them quickly! All of them! Otherwise, the enemy will come again! I alone can’t stop that! I want to focus solely on him!”
As Nami tries to tell everyone to break the mirrors, a sudden change occurs.
Big Mom gives the ocean her soul, and a huge wave tries to swallow the Sunny.
Nami: "Hello? I’m sorry Luffy…We’re probably…done for…"
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