One Piece Chapter 875 Spoiler Text & Summaries!

To be fair, that's an interpretation of the One Piece 875 text spoiler. We don't know if she actually changes personalities, if she acts (why she'd resent Sanji in front of Chiffon is questionable) or if it's a split scene with her inner thoughts (like before the wedding). I'll be honest - if she had a split personality that she couldn't control, the prison scene would make perfect sense. But other than that her personality changes would happen quite conveniently. Also, in that case the whole acting would be a lie. So we need to see the pictures.

 This arc should've ended once the whole cake chateau collapsed, now it just seems like they're dragging this for no reason other than to let Sanji bake a cake, I wouldn't have minded this if Sanji and Judge had yet to come to an understanding, but they already did, so I don't see how this should help other than maybe make the Vinsmokes feel more ashamed than they already are because the thing that saved them at the end was the same thing they were mocking Sanji about. A fair point to make, but I think it would've made a lot more impact if it wasn't for that Sanji and Judge moment inside Capone, which wrapped things up in a very satisfying manner in my opinion. Big Mom's rage was such an intriguing plot device when it was first introduced as it made me feel genuinely concerned for the protagonists, but now it's being used to comedic effect in such a slapstick manner that I'm not quite comfortable with, she just doesn't seem as intimidating as she did in fishmen Island and at the beginning of this arc. But chapters from before say that she's acting. What I got from previous chapters is that pudding is bitchy and a good actress, but after the events of the wedding she just fell in love with Sanji and lied to her siblings bar chiffon acting as if she hated him and only wants to bake a cake to help the island. But now we have a split personality thats not even necessary.
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