One Piece 876 Strawhats VS Bigmom Pirate Future Matchups?

Since we're nearing the end of Whole Cake Island One Piece Chapter 876 and it's been made extensively clear the fight against Big Mom is happening after Kaido goes down, I just thought I would list my ideas for the match ups when Luffy comes back to take down Big Mom for real:

Luffy VS Big Mom
Thought I would get the obvious one out of the way, it's no secret Luffy wants and believes he needs to take down Big Mom, not just to be the Pirate King, but also to be able to free Fishman Island from her rule. So, whatever trick Luffy reveals to beat Kaido, he's going to need to take down the Queen of Totland...

Zoro VS Smoothie
A surprise for most OP fans, but I don't think Zoro will take down Big Mom's right hand man like he usually does. Though Zoro doesn't just fight swordsman, Katakuri's fighting style is just not a good complement to his in a showdown, especially with Zoro's weaker CoO. I also don't believe he'll fight Cracker, we'll get to his match up soon, even though Cracker seems like the usual opponent for Zoro, it seems likely he'll fight Big Mom's other strong sword wielder, Smoothie. Another reason Zoro will most likely fight smoothie in the future is because of Sanji's refusal to fight women, making it more likely Zoro will end up fighting Smoothie.

Sanji VS Katakuri
Again, the other surprise matchup, I believe Sanji will fight Katakuri in the future. They both are excellent CoO users and Sanji taking on someone with such a high bounty might shut up those who claim he's been taking Ls since the New World. It's also been shown when Katakuri doesn't use the trident he wields, he relies on his legs to fight, another point for his match up against Sanji. Either way, Sanji fighting Katakuri will be interesting to watch no matter what.

Jinbe VS Cracker
Since Luffy first fought Cracker I thought he would be a good opponent to face off against with Zoro, but when he revealed his biscuits weakness was water, then I thought no other opponent would be better then the master of Fishman Karate himself, and soon to be Straw Hat, Jinbe. Using the water of the air around him, Cracker's prized soldiers won't stand a chance against the former Shichibukai.

So these are my thoughts for the future match ups when the Straw Hats return to face the Big Mom Pirates. Also, I doubt currently they stand a chance since this was just their first taste of a Yonko's true power, and I expect after Kaido they all will have the power boost to fight Linlin and her crew for real.

P.S. Feel free to discuss other Straw Hats match ups like Usopp VS Mont-d'Or or Franky VS Daifuku (I just came up with these two examples randomly BTW) that I didn't list above, or your own reasons for the different match ups for the future.


After thinking it over an eventual Usopp VS Mont-d'Or fight would actually be something I want to see. First, it would most likely be a 1v1 shooter's fight, not something he's done since Chew, and with Mont-d'Ors' World of Books ability being a good match against Usopp's lies. Maybe he could use Usopp's lies against him by having them come to life in a book he writes, he is called the Scribe after all. That would be a fight I want to see...
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