15-yr old artist makes a name for himself in the world of classical-contemporary art

Fifteen -year old Luke “Moonlight” Alarcon is more popularly known as the “Batang Artistik” on UNTV’s kiddie program KNC Show. Moonlight started to show artistic skills as early as five years old. By the age of 12, he already started painting. His family members who are also artists are his major influences. His artworks have also been part of group art exhibitions. This time, the child prodigy will conduct his own art exhibit. “I am happy that my artworks are appreciated because they have not been appreciated before because my works were not exposed.

But now I am given my own show so I’m happy,” said Alarcon. Moonlight’s solo exhibit is entitled “Prodigium” which means prodigy. The exhibit will feature the young painter’s new artworks that are a combination of classical and modern art. “They will see there my new compositions and the new styles I will showcase. My painting shows the seemingly clashing of classical and modern art. The classical painting represents the classical discipline of the people before. And the contemporary art, the drips of neon color means the society, the modern era,” said the young talent. Prodigium will be open tomorrow from 5pm to 9 pm at the Provenance Art Gallery, Shangri-La in The Fort BGC, Taguig. Alongside with this, his family will also conduct a separate group exhibit called Sanctuary.
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