Music video for one piece 869 - One Piece Chapter 869 Spoilers

Hey guys! The manga for One Piece Chapter 869 - Besieged are out. In the previous chapter, Big Mom’s flash back ended and the Alliance began to carry out their plan. This is my music video for one piece 869! The Great Escape!

But, it was foiled by Big Mom’s rage. Bege turned into a huge castle and asked the everyone to enter. Now let’s move on to the next chapter. Everyone makes it inside Bege’s castle, but Brulee is recaptured by Katakuri. Nami and Carrot are slow taking shelter due to Bigmom’s children’s ferocious attack.They are forced into a corner, but Germa in their raid suites arrive at their location. The scene is a center page with them resembling a hero’s entrance. They force Bigmom’s children back in the blink of an eye.

Germa and theothers retreat to Bege’s castle. In the confusion, Du Feld attempts to open up the Tamatebako, but the Tamatebako issent flying outside Whole Cake Castle by Bigmom’s yelling.Bege attacks Bigmom with the cannons from his castle, but they are plugged up by Katakuri’s mochi and are prevented from shooting. Furthermore, Perospero’s candy prevents him from moving. Bege deplores the failure of the plan. While Bege is explaining that if his castle is destroyed then he would die and everyone inside will be thrown outside, Bigmom regains consciousness and begins to attack. A portion of Bege’s castle is destroyed and Bege himself becomes bloody. Big Mom surely looks angry and looks certain to destroy the alliance which originally thought of bringing her down. Fans believed her to be the weakest Yonkō, but Big Mom is making them eat their own words. Source- Oro Jackson That’s it from me. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your suggestions below.
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