Donald Trump threatens to ban White House press briefings after row over FBI Director Comey's ouster

US President Donald Trump has indicated that he may stop the White House Press briefings altogether, a tradition that has been in place since 1929 when the first White House Press Secretary George Akerson was appointed by President Herbert Hoover. Today morning he started a barrage of tweets, directing his ire towards media. He suggested that he would prefer sending hand-written handouts to media than briefing them in White House. His latest flashpoint with media was over his press office's treatment of news of FBI Director James Comey's ouster. Sarah Huckabee Sanders, deputy Press Secretary of the White House had said that Comey's firing would not affect the investigation into Russia's meddling in the US presidential election.

Then she said that Comey's removal would hasten the investigation and the White House decision was shaped by it. Trump had later said that he fired Comey to ensure that the Russian meddling investigation is done "absolutely properly" and Comey's firing may, in fact, 'lengthen the investigation'. But before this, several White House officials had sent out messages that Comey's ouster was done in lieu of the email leak case related to Hillary Clinton and was, in no way, related to the Russian hacking investigation. Several US senators have criticized the decision, calling it an attempt by Trump to affect the FBI investigation into the alleged Russian hacking during US Presidential election. Donald Trump's press wing, under his Press Secretary Sean Spicer has come under wide criticism because of its inaccurate briefings and the harsh language used by its spokespersons. Spicer, in fact, began on a wrong note in his very first press briefing when he termed Donald Trump's inauguration as the most watched of all US Presidential inaugurations so far.
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