De Lima: Napoles is a polluted source

MANILA, Philippines – Detained Senator Leila De Lima has thrown a shade at alleged pork barrel mastermind Janet Lim-Napoles whom she prosecuted during her term as Justice Secretary in 2013. In a lengthy, handwritten statement posted on her Facebook page, De Lima said that the past investigation on Napoles relied on testimonies and documentary proof from Benhur Luy and other whistleblowers who used to be the controversial businesswoman’s former employees. “It was then apparent that Napoles was willing to implicate anyone in exchange for being discharged as a state witness and save her own skin.

She was then willing to lie to avoid imprisonment,” said De Lima. But with the recent acquittal from the illegal detention case, De Lima added, it appears that Napoles has finally succeeded in striking a deal with the current administration that she herself refused when she was still with the DOJ. De Lima also scored Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre for relying on Napoles as his sole source of information on the resurrected PDAF probe. “Unfortunately for him, any new investigation cannot rely only on the testimony of a polluted source such as a convicted criminal and the mastermind of the PDAF Scam no less,” the senator said. She also argued anyone can make a list, referring to the alleged new list provided by Napoles, but to back it up with documentary evidence is another story. “All of the actions of the government in causing the acquittal of Napoles and making her a state witness bear the hallmarks of an upcoming government witch hunt,” the lawmaker added.
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