Before and after puberty” post of a Pinay hits social media hard

Photos of a Pinay on her Facebook page that revealed her before and after physical appearance have stunned netizens; gaining popularity across social media platforms. Aleksis Corbi uploaded pictures of her transformation after going through the puberty stage. The first set of photos were typical of a young girl about the age of 7. As you scroll further, you may notice how her look has transitioned into what we may call the “caterpillar stage”; where a seemingly confident version of her sporting nice straight bangs can be evidently seen. Then on with her photo in SG where she was 13 years old and a 2nd year high school student.

Here we can actually see how she’ll look like when she becomes an adult. Three years later, it’s noticeable that she has gotten a lighter complexion. And this is Alexis now. We’ve seen how she transitioned from a little, meek, and adorable caterpillar to a confident, beautiful, and a fully-grown butterfly. So far, her post with the uploaded photos on March 31 with the caption “WHEN PUBERTY HITS YOU HARD”, has gained over 44K reactions, 46K shares and 7k comments; with many expressing admiration and being inspired by such a change in her physical look. Some even noticed how happy she looks and that must have affected her positively. Many have also tagged other FB users in the post. It is important to note, however, that skin complexion or body weight and shape would not define your whole personality and being. You can get confident in any way as long as you feel comfortable and happy with your own self. The improvement of your own physical appearance is just a bonus. You may work hard for it or decide to just stay as is; as long as you are contented with yourself as a whole, nobody has the right to care.
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