We the People, the CEOs, of these United States

This past week has been an interesting one. The new Commander in Chief began his first week in office and began to implement a number of radical changes. Within 24 hours, he changed the White House website, removing pages that speak to LBGTQ, Climate Change, and Civil Rights. Next, his administration has already taken the following aggressive actions: removing (not reforming) the Health Care Act, moving forward with building walls, set in a motion an executive order for the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL), declared war on Chicago, and he banned Muslims from 7 countries (even those with legal green cards). Even Flint water and environmental issues are going backward as opposed to forward.

Through it all, 45 still has managed to take to twitter to troll like no one else can. Countless other things are being exposed daily. The new President has an agenda and it is going forth. Water is wet. I am not trying to be insensitive but it’s not like we didn’t know his agenda. At this juncture, there are some of us that are stuck in TV watching mode. As a people, many of us are feeling helpless or in a state of awe and “oh mys” and even “WTF.” Our participation has been much like watching The Apprentice: Just watching and waiting, commenting yet not fully engaged. For many of us, the reality of Donald Trump as President of the United States has yet to hit home…it’s simply entertainment. If we were honest and admitted that we have been and remain in shock and awe, we might be able to move on to the next step of solving issues, which is responsibility. We must take responsibility for how we got here. As spectators, we are simply watching this three-ring circus as though there is nothing else on TV. Just as we have power over ratings, we have power as a people. Trump has a full house behind him. How did we let this happen? Even if we impeach the Orange, we still have a full deck of cards to deal with. (Shout out to my House of Cards fans)
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