An “Alternate” look at what the Academy Award nominations could have been

Time for something fun. As we wait for ballots to go out to Academy members and final Oscar voting to get underway, why not play around with a hypothetical situation? Now is the time to do it, after all. This is something I’ve done from time to time in the past, which is to look at what the Oscar nominations could have looked like if you remove all of the actual nominees.

Weird, I know, but hey, it’s fun. Plus, it’s certainly more apt than ever to do this in our new era of “alternative facts”, right? This isn’t a political post, but I couldn’t resist the dig at Donald Trump and company. Below you will see what these alternate Academy Award nominations could have been. In some categories, it’s easy to speculate, like with Best Picture and how films like 20th Century Women, Captain Fantastic, Deadpool, and Jackie were likely next in line. Or, you can look at Best Director and be reasonably confident that Garth Davis was next in line for Lion, Acting wise, Amy Adams for Arrival and Joel Edgerton for Loving were near misses, with the same going for Hugh Grant, snubbed for Florence Foster Jenkins. These are just guesses though, so keep that in mind. Now, on to the fun.
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