Father caught selling infant son so he could buy car for wife

BEIJING, China – A man in China was caught after he tried to sell his infant son so he could buy a car for his wife. An article by Julian Luk for Mail Online said the man wanted to divorce his wife, and to get her to agree on the divorce, he has to give his wife a car. A video emerged online showing the father holding the five-month-old baby in freezing weather on the street of Linyi city in eastern China. The man was on the street to meet a potential buyer for his son. Police officials have detained the man and found out that he was planning to sell the kid for 80,000 yuan (around $11,640) to a stranger that the father only met on the internet.

People’s Daily Online identified the suspect as Zhang and was said to be waiting at the intersection of Jinyi Road and Linyi San Road on the morning of January 12. A video, posted in Iqilu, showed a nervous Zhang looking around on the street; waiting for the buyer for more than 10 minutes. Officials said the infant was not wearing enough clothes to fight the cold chills of winter, and that the baby have started to cry upon feeling the breeze. Police officers on patrol spotted Zhang and detained him upon suspicion that he might harm the infant. Upon interrogation, Zhang confessed that he had put his son up for sale online. “It is difficult to break up when you have a child,” said Zhang during the interrogation; adding that he also hoped to find the child a good home before getting divorced. Zhang had been detained for human trafficking while police are investigating further into the case.
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