Another hazing incident leaves 18-year-old lady student with serious bruises and burns, venue located by police

Apparently, another student has fallen victim to hazing rites which reportedly took place at an ‘abandoned house‘ in Las Piñas on January 8. An 18-year-old female student of the Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), who was forced to join a sorority, sustained bruises and burns after she was unwillingly initiated during a hazing rites held by a sorority group.

The student’s mother, Charisma Alilio, is so enraged over her daughter’s pitiful condition; saying that the group responsible for her daughter’s injuries have paddled her repeatedly, leaving her thighs black and blue, so to speak. Moreover, her daughter, she said, had candle burns and was hit with a belt more than 50 times. Alilio also disclosed that her daughter, before she lost consciousness, heard the group say "if she dies, put her in a sack". The infuriated mother is adamant to press charges against the 40 schoolmates of her daughter who were involved in the hazing; expressing that it’s not just a fight for her daughter but also for those who might fall victim again. Fortunately, Alilio’s daughter is now in stable condition, as per reports, despite having a low platelet count, and is recuperating in a Makati hospital.
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