92-year-old man donates an ambulance — for the third time!

NEW ZEALAND — A 92-year-old man donated a state-of-the-art and fully equipped $200,000-worth ambulance for St. John Ambulance Station; the third ambulance he has donated for the station. The ambulance donated by Malcom Fletcher features the latest technology to improve staff safety and patient comfort, as per a Stuff Story. The medical vehicle, that was designed based on front-line staff feedback and international best practice, has a slightly narrower than the older models and include a single stretcher which is automated to reduce heavy lifting. “When an ambulance saves a life, what’s it worth? Money’s only money. It’s worth nothing when you get crook or disabled.

 As I say, you can’t take it with you,” said Fletcher during the dedication ceremony on January 14. The retired businessman, moreover, said people has only one chance with their heart and – the ambulance comes in when it stops. Fletcher, who served as a Pukekohe brigade volunteer and duty officer for 15 years, believes community volunteers are the real heroes as they give their time and expertise to help others for often little reward. “It’s about St John, not me. They’re on call 24/7. They cop abuse from these drunks and what have you.” St John Northern Region’s fundraising and marketing manager Hannah Davies, meanwhile, thanked Fletcher for the third ambulance and for his incredible support; described him as a very special and humble person. Davies said each ambulance help them treat more patients and save more lives and the new ambulance will make a positive difference in their community. Wow! If only all ambulances would be like this anywhere in the world!
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