X-Men: ResurrXion, Inhumans and “Rebranding”

It definitely is a high moment for the X-Men, and like any pro-mutant supporter out there, I hope this wouldn’t be a swan song. As far as expanding the comic books is concerned, Marvel’s got us covered. Legion gets his own television series. Hugh Jackman is about to end his X-Career as Logan. And in a blast in the past, Jean is “revealed” as the Phoenix at the end of X-Men: Apocalypse. Meanwhile, on the other side of things, Ghost Rider arrives in Agents of SHIELD.

The Inhumans were more active than before, and save for Wanda Maximoff, the MCU doesn’t have the slightest tinge of an X-Man in it – if she even was one (long story) And all the while apparently the Terringen Mist is lethal to mutants. Somehow Cyclops and his team is out to make sure more mutants are spared from this inconvenient plot maneuver. And in other news, Iceman, Weapon X (Logan?), Cable and Jean Grey get a brand new comic. Of course, a big “surprise” for the X-Men has already been in the works and is being consistently teased since last year. The events of Secret Wars and the absence of an X-Men presence leaves quite a gap to be filled. Marvel wants the entire Death of X-Inhumans vs. X-Men-ResurrXion trilogy of sorts to answer all the questions we have.
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