Westworld – Where the Future meets the West

Having never seen the original cult classic, the premise of Westworld showed a lot of promise. In the future, technology reached the point where mankind developed life-like androids, or Hosts. Out of the multitude of possibilities afforded by this scientific revolution, humanity used this gift in the most predictably mundane way possible – a theme park. Possibly reflecting wealth in its excess, paying patrons can experience life in the American West, distilling the wild historical period in a meticulously controlled environment. Some came for the novelty while others delved into their hedonism, free from harm and responsibility. Everything is artificial from the horse on the plains to the Sheriff of the town. Alas, Murphy’s Law guaranteed that nothing perfect lasts, especially in science fiction.

The story revolves around three groups of characters – the Host denizens of Westworld; their visitors, known as “Newcomers;” and the people who run the entire operation. The Hosts of Westworld run the gamut of every typical Western archetype, except for the Native American Savage (for now). There are cowboys, farmers, and bandits, and more. The central Host seems to be Dolores Abernathy (Evan Rachel Wood), a naïve young farmer’s daughter that has more to her to than meets the eye. She is being set up to be a catalyst for Westworld’s change. There’s a young cowboy with a chivalrous streak whose path may veer far from his original programming. Several side characters are introduced with colorful personalities and hints of future secrets, from the “seen-it-all” prostitute to the most wanted outlaw in the land. Lastly, the mystery of the Man-in-Black (Ed Harris) piques the greatest interest. He knows more than he lets on and holds more than a few aces up his sleeves. Whether it’s for villainous or noble purposes, only future episodes can tell.
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