‘Super Mario Run’ latest news: Nintendo mobile game starts to dip, Android version to save hype

“Super Mario Run” is no longer at the top of the game app charts at the Apple App Store, falling out last Dec. 24 and 25. After debuting on Dec. 15, the game set a new download record for hitting 40 million downloads after just four days. Unfortunately, some of the twists surrounding “Super Mario Run” have now started to sink in, particularly the price to pay to unlock other levels. The app is free for download but limited to only three levels. Players who wish to unlock the other levels needed to shell out $10, something that many believe was too high compared to other mobile games, Bloomberg reported. Further to that, Nintendo did announce that they were not adding extra features for “Super Mario Run” and that the game is the total package. Aside from the three levels, there are other game modes which have kept “Super Mario Run” gamers busy.

There is “Toad Rally” and “Kingdom Builder”. The last update even included another game mode “Friendly Run” which could only be played three times daily. Other than those enhancements, “Super Mario Run” is pretty much that for folks opting to play it for free. The decline is expected to continue with folks preferring to stick to free games and not shelling out a hefty $10 to unlock other game levels. Despite that setback, Nintendo is expecting another wave of million coming their way. The numbers discussed above pertain only to the iOS version, meaning the Android part of things has yet to be factored in. Pre-registration is now ongoing for Android users who will be notified once the game is up at the Google Play Store. There is no official timetable for the roll-out of “Super Mario Run” though Nintendo of America president Reggie Fil-Aime promises this would be done quickly, Nintendo Insider reported. With the iOS side of things done, it won’t be surprising to see “Super Mario Run” break new records on the Android side. But similar to its fate on iOS, it may likely sputter in the end once gamers have used up the features on the free version of the mobile game app.
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