Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Release Date News and Updates: Better Design and Dual Camera for Next Note Device? Specs and Price Details

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes out tentatively next year, it may do away with the so-called "aggressive design" that Samsung adopted with the Note 7. This look reportedly paved the way to the battery and explosion problems of the last installment.The way the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was designed was considered one of the major reasons why there were battery problems since the makeup of the device cramped its battery. This resulted to overheating and even exploding units.There was not enough layer to separate the heating battery from the rest of the phablet's makeup. The Samsung Galaxy Note 7's battery was designed to be a packed smaller version compared to their previous offerings making the device more prone to overheating.

Learning from this major mistake, Samsung is expected to make major changes in the design of the Galaxy Note 8. The new device is expected to come either in August or September next year. When it is released, the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is thought to be powered by a Snapdragon 830 chipset. Though the chip has not yet been released, it is one of the most anticipated Qualcomm introduction which will replace the Snapdragon 820.As for its camera, the upcoming phablet could also introduce dual-camera lenses just like the iPhone 7 Plus. The added function of another camera lens will go a long way for many smartphone fans. It could also be released with a 5.7-inch screen with a waterproof body and design. Aside from VR support, other specifications could also include 6GB of RAM andsuperb graphics.The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 could be sold beginning at $850 then could increase depending on the variant and storage options. What other features do you expect from the Note 8?
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