‘Pokemon Go’ latest news: Niantic offers hardcore gamers special gift boxes to level up

“Pokemon Go” made a lot of players happy this Christmas though there is another perk that most may want to check out. This has to do with the mysterious gift boxes up at the game shop, each requiring real-time cash shell outs. The “Pokemon Go” gift boxes quietly went live on Dec. 25, Sunday. Niantic never really pushed them to gamers though each had helpful game aids to consider. There are three available to gamers - Special, Great and Ultra boxes with varying contents. The “Pokemon Go” Special Box contained 10 Great Balls and 2 Incubators which could be purchased for 250 PokeCoins. The Great Box offered 20 Great Balls, 2 Incense, 4 Incubators costing 550 PokeCoins. The best of the lot is the Ultra Box which had 20 Ultra Balls, 25 Incense, and 6 Incubators which could be purchased for 1,500 PokeCoins, Forbes reported.

For “Pokemon Go” players who don’t have PokeCoins, the obvious route is to buy them from the store. Depending on how avid an AR gamer is, it all depends on the bundle which can be seen at the shop when scrolled down. A wise choice is to get the ones in the denomination. Getting hold of the 1,200 PokeCoin option is seen as the best option plus three 100 PokeCoin denominations – assuming “Pokemon Go” players are going for the Ultra Box pack. These will only be up until Dec. 30 after which a new set is expected to take over. Bronze, Silver and Gold boxes will take their place, priced at 460, 980 and 2480 PokeCoins respectively, BGR reported. There are no details at the moment on what the Bronze, Silver and Gold Boxes will have to offer. But the word out is that these second batch of boxes will tote Lure Modules, Lucky Eggs, Poke Balls and Great Balls. The gift boxes should be something to consider, particularly for the “Pokemon Go” players who have been aching to stock up on items for their pocket monster hunting. For those wary of playing, the only recourse is to be patient and hope the returns are plenty – both in traditional hunting or even from the Daily Bonus payouts.
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