MARS: Are You Ready to Colonize the Red Planet?

Fans and space enthusiasts will bear witness to a global television event set to redefine how humanity sees on-air storytelling. National Geographic Channel and FOX Networks Group will bring viewers to Mars with a six-part series. MARS is pegged as a science-cum-sci-fi documentary series, and tackles a fictional manned mission to the Red Planet in 2033. Fictionalized events are bridged by interviews. These feature some of the world’s leading scientific minds and experts on space travel and Martian studies. The show offers hour-long spectacles comprised of film-quality scripted drama, visual effects and a powerful documentary.

Global science personality and entrepreneur Elon Musk will also lead the documentary’s scientific minds. They hope to enlighten viewers on the real status of the mission to colonize the Red Planet. “MARS is a first-of-its-kind program in that it fuses fact with fiction, based on scientific data and predictions,” Lucien Harrington, SVP of Marketing & Communications for the FOX Networks Group in Asia said. MARS stars personalities such as South Korea multimedia artist JiHAE as Mission Pilot Hana Seung, and Ben Cotton (Battlestar Galactica: Blood and Chrome, Chronicles of Riddick) as Mission Commander Ben Sawyer. They will join a crew of four more astronauts in man’s first-ever “crewed mission” to Mars aboard the Daedalus. The pilot episode offered a preview of the global excitement and enthusiasm towards the historic endeavor. It explained just how humanity has an innate desire to explore and go beyond their boundaries. However, challenges begin to plague the team even prior to landing on the planet.
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