ESGS Day 1 Roundup

The first day of 2016’s E-Sports and Gaming Summit (ESGS) has come to an end. We at What’s a Geek were in attendance, and here’s our recap of the hype stuff we got to do and attend! First off, we got to attend a press event for Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare. We were given an exclusive preview of what to look forward to, in this year’s entry to the ever popular first person shooter franchise. They showed us snippets from all the game modes available: the single-player campaign, multi-player component, and the ever-popular zombie “mini-game.” The team from Infinity Ward gave us insights to their ideology in creating a compelling campaign experience. What Infinite Warfare brings to the table, is a more “non-linear” experience. While not completely non-linear, the game will offer more optional content so to speak with access to side-missions.

As for the multiplayer, we got a look into the new class system, new weapons with additional perks, and new abilities/payloads/and killstreaks. Finally for the zombie…mini-game/side-story/side-campaign, we got a look at how the game mode will play and look like. It looks REALLY interesting this year, taking an 80’s aesthetic (the 80’s are pretty in right now), hell they even got David Hasselhoff to voice a character. It takes place in an 80’s themepark with playable characters taking the 80’s stereotype of: Jocks, Rappers, Nerds, and Valley Girls. Overall I’d say Infinite Warfare is looking promising. I even asked the Dev. Team as to how they think they can get people to play Infinite Warfare over other FPS games coming-out in the same timeframe. The gist of their reply was pretty much, “You can’t beat the amount of content that Infinite Warfare promises, and that CoD is still the most popular FPS franchise.” Can’t argue with that. Then we also got a look into The Last Guardian with an exclusive demo event for the press. We got hands-on with a demo the game, and got to see first hand the game running on a PS4. What can I say other than I am excited beyond words. This is a game I’ve bought the PS3 for, it’s a game I’ve been waiting 10 years for. I didn’t get to personally play the game, but we did get to watch a few players tryout the demo. While I can’t say it was enjoyable watching someone play the game (’cause really, there are some games that don’t translate well as a viewing experience, The Last Guardian is a prime example of that), I can say that the game looks spectacular.
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