Britain to have coldest winter in 5 years

Bitter polar air is expected to sweep across the United Kingdom territory in the coming weeks and Britons will reportedly experience the coldest winter for more than five years with a forecast of unusually low temperatures until February. Weathermen observing the changing climate agree that this winter season could buck the trend of the past few years. The imminent freeze is being triggered by what weather observers said as “weak Polar vortex”; adding that the temperature is likely to remain below-average for the next three months, as disclosed in a Daily Express report. Thermometers have, reports say, plunged this weekend to -9.8C and brought the coldest night of autumn. The Polar vortex is described as a huge region of cold air that circulates around the Arctic region and usually remains at northern part of the country.

When the cold blast weakens, the air sinks southwards towards northern Europe and triggers a longer period of winter weather. The cold blast can also give rise to Sudden Stratospheric Warming (SSW), changing wind direction high up in the atmosphere driving the cold weather. Below-average temperatures have been predicted for December and February and to go on slightly milder in January. “Because of the weak stratospheric polar vortex, there is also an increasingly good change of a sudden stratospheric warming sometime within the next four to six weeks that would ramp up the cold risks later in the winter,” weather forecaster Todd Crawford said. The chilly forecasts come after a run of mild winters with Britain escaping a proper big freeze since the last one in 2010/2011. Record low temperatures in December will turn in the coldest climate within the century, weather forecasters warned. At the weekend, the surge of Storm Angus packing up early 100mph winds hit land and spawned torrential downpours in a matter of hours. Tremendous amount of snow covered northern parts of the country and the heavy wintry showers and the cold weather started to bite earlier this month. Experts say this year will be the one to watch as things shape up to be exceptionally cold and snowy with even the chance of a White Christmas.
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