Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 3 Air Date, Spoilers, News & Update - Did Jun Ji Hyun Fall For Lee Min Ho’s Character?

Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 3 spoilers have already been circulating online. Based on the preview, it seems that Jun Ji Hyun's character will soon fall for Lee Min Ho. Do they fall for real? The new love fantasy series that premiered on SBS network last week was unexpectedly followed and well-loved by audience around the globe. Excited fans patiently waited and tuned in as it was Lee Min Ho's The Heirs in 2013 TV comeback. He plays a dual persona of a Joseon era nobleman and a modern-day con-artist Heo Joon Jae. Meanwhile, My Sassy Girl star Jun Ji Hyun plays the role of a mermaid, Shim Chung. Circulating online reports show that Legend of the Blue Sea's debut gathered an estimated 3.22 million viewers.


Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 2 Recap

The main characters’ love story initially began with the two of them butting heads over everything. Joon Jae even got so pissed that he surrendered the confused mermaid-turned-human to police officials. However, he got her back after discovering that the jade bracelet she was wearing costs a fortune.
In spite of his mixed intentions, those who watched the premiere episodes saw how the con artist still cared about Shim Chung. Fans were treated to several funny scenes that showed how the female protagonist struggled with adjusting to life on land.
Legend of the Blue Sea episode 2 eventually ended with the two getting separated after they almost drowned.

Legend Of The Blue Sea Episode 3 Spoilers

Now, a new preview starts circulating around the net for Legend of the Blue Sea episode 3 showed Shim Chung searching for Heo Joon Jae. She asked the fishermen about Seoul since they've talked about the place and she was quite interested in its story and wanted to see the city for herself. The mermaid-turned-human will eventually reach the city. Everyone is waiting for their reunion. It may rekindle the two lonely hearts.

We speculated that the scene would focus on Joon Jae almost drowning and have gotten amnesia. Could it spark jealousy? Leave a message below and don't forget to follow us here at trendingpinas.com for updates.
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