Stray dogs in Chinese shelter intentionally poisoned by security guards

Dozens of stray dogs in a Chinese shelter died slow and painful deaths after being intentionally poisoned by security guards of a Sports College. Pictures and videos of the dead dogs were posted by Adrian Shiva on Facebook and has received international criticism. According to Shiva, Harbin Sports College sent its security guards to poison the dogs in the shelter for no legitimate reason, except that they were celebrating its anniversary.

Outsiders were, apparently, allowed inside the shelter. The caretaker of the dogs, Aunt Zhao, cried in agony upon seeing her pets die. One dog was seen shivering because of the poison. Not less than a dozen other dogs were seen lifeless. Some of them were already wrapped in a cloth for burial. Prior to this incident, China has been notorious for being harsh to dogs. Despite worldwide criticism, it has not stopped its Yulin Festival, also known as dog meat festival, where hundred of dogs are killed annually. Shiva also notes that China has not passed a single animal protection act, and this has led to cruelty towards various animals. Netizens have decried the incident; noting that animal cruelty in China has to stop. Some called for an investigation, while some called the primary suspects “monsters”. As of posting, the photos have been shared nearly 30,000 times.
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