Bato dela Rosa to critics: You want drug lords to win this war?

PNP chief expressed his frustration at police critics
He asked them whether they wanted drug lords to win in drug war
He invited critics to know public’s sentiments, said he is concerned with spate of killings too

MANILA, Philippines – PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” dela Rosa could not hide his frustration even as he blasted critics of the police for twitting them about the spate of killings in the government’s ongoing campaign against drugs. In an interview on Wednesday, Dela Rosa asked critics if they wanted drug lords and not the government to win the campaign against drugs.

“What do you want? What do they want to happen? The drug lords to win this war?” Rappler quoted him as asking. “If this is not a winnable war by the government, does it mean to say that they want the drug lords to lord it over and be the winner in this war? How frustrating other sectors can be. We are risking our lives, we are doing everything to solve this problem and yet they keep on telling us that this is an unwinnable war. Wow!”

Dela Rosa invited the critics especially those outside the country to come here and feel the sentiments of the public for themselves.

“They have to come here to the Philippines to see for themselves and feel it for themselves. They just keep on criticizing, coming from the outside. You should come here and feel it. Be present in Philippine soil and be with the people and ask the people how do they feel with what the police are doing right now,” he said.

At the same time, the PNP chief said he too is concerned about the unresolved killings connected with the campaign.

“If they’re concerned, I’m concerned too. I’m also concerned because they are Filipino people. They are not American people. They are Filipino people that are being killed. We are Filipinos. We have to protect our own people,” he said.
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