Bleach has One Chapter Left as Readers Suspect Forced Cancellation

News of Bleach's end has been widespread since Weekly Shonen Jump's Hisashi Sasaki made the announcement. The former editor-in-chief released the statement shortly before the Shonen Jump Podcast, during which the Vice President claimed that Bleach's creator Tite Kubo would end his 15-year story in less than 10 weeks.

That placed the ending date of Bleach at around Mid-September. But just two weeks after that announcement, Shonen Jump issue 35 was previewed with a surprising piece of information: Bleach and Nisekoi will end in double-issue 36-37, meaning Bleach will end in August. Fans were not prepared for this news as the manga is in the middle of its final arc and was expected to have quite some time before its conclusion.

This has left a lot of fans wondering whether Shonen Jump has pulled the plug on the longstanding manga series. Cancelling Bleach would not be too farfetched, as the title's sales have been incredibly poor for years. Given this graph, the decision coming from Shonen Jump rather than Kubo is very possible. But it's also possible that Kubo and Shonen Jump had a dispute, causing Bleach's deadline to be cut even further. However, Bleach isn't going alone. As mentioned earlier, Nisekoi will be joining its departure, and Mononofu ended with issue 34. As these three make their way out, Shonen Jump is replacing them with three new titles. If Bleach were cancelled, the decision was very likely part of the transition to include these new manga series.
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