Pokemon Go Is Starting to Roll Out Now Worldwide

The full, final version of Pokémon GO was released in Australia and Philippines today. And while the game itself is free, loads of stuff inside it most certainly is not. You start the game with a decent number of Pokéballs and some Incense (to attract Pokémon). You can get more through play (I got a few every time I levelled up, and as hinted above you can get stuff from real-world drop points), but the idea here is that you’ll have to pay if you want to really stock up. Everything in the game costs gold, and you start with...0 gold. Who knows if you get some every day/week afterwards as a reward or offer (which is what happened in the beta), but on day 1 of the actual release, I had nothing (not that I needed it, since I had more Pokéballs than I was going to use).

There are few games more hotly anticipated than Niantic Labs' Pokémon GO, and now the first non-beta players are getting their hands on it. The Play Store listing is now live for everyone, but only those in select countries will be able to install it right now. Well, unless you head over to APK Mirror where we have the game available for download too. Pokémon GO is essentially Ingress with Pokémon. I'm sure this will appeal to many people, but don't expect it to be like a real life version of the classic games. I had a chance to play the beta a bit, and the mechanics seemed fairly simple. There weren't a lot of opportunities to battle, and the options available in those instances are very basic. That was the beta, so perhaps it's different now.

The early reviews on the Play Store are good, though. So far, it looks like the game is available to everyone in Australia and New Zealand. It might be live in Japan as well that was another test market. No sign of official availability in the US yet. Pokémon GO still shows as incompatible for everyone not included in the beta test here. If you just can't wait, the app is available on APK Mirror. Note, the app won't work on Android N yet, and there are some in-app purchases. Those were not in the beta, so I don't know how aggressive they are.
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