Upping the ante: Duterte offers P5.5-M bounty for every killed Cebu-based drug lord

President-elect announced a P5.5-M reward for every drug lord killed in Cebu
He said Cebuanos are good people who deserve the premium, thus the higher bounty
He also said the bounty is actually a plea for drug lords to cease their illegal activities

MANILA, Philippines – The bounties are getting higher— in Cebu at least, At a thanksgiving party held by his supporters for him in Cebu, President-elect Rodrigo Duterte announced a P5.5 million reward for every drug lord there who was killed.

“Those who live in Cebu are good people. There is a premium, P5,500,000,” the Philippine Daily Inquirer quoted him as telling his audience at the Cebu Country Club.

Duterte’s offer is 100 times larger than Cebu City Mayor-elect Tommy Osmeña’s standing prize for every suspected criminal killed.

Earlier, Duterte promised P5 million to those who kill big-time drug lords, P2 million for distributors, and P50,000 for small-timers.

Elaborating further, Duterte said the large reward offer should also be interpreted as an appeal for drug lords to cease their illegal activities at once.

“It’s really a plea, my request. Stop it so there would be no trouble,” he said. “I plead for you to stop [expletive] this country and we will be alright. There will be no problem.”

Duterte’s warning also extended to policemen who are involved in the drug trade. He said that if they do not accede to his request peacefully, then he will have to resort to heavy-handed measures.

“I do not want to go to the extreme but I am asking for the reversal of these things. If I cannot get it the right way, then, I will do it the wrong way because I have a sworn duty to protect the Republic,” he said.
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