To alleviate poverty, Bill Gates to donate 100k chicks in Africa

    Bill Gates will donate 100,000 chicks to poverty-stricken Africa
    This is his own strategy to lift the region out of poverty
    He will donate chicks to 12 African countries
    The philanthropist says a clivestock farmer can earn as much as $1250 annually

“There’s no investment that has a return percentage anything like being able to breed chickens.”  This is the belief of multi-billionaire and philanthropist Bill Gates as he promised to donate 100,000 chicks in Africa to end poverty there.

The co-founder of tech giant Microsoft, Inc. bared his plans to donate poultry supplies to the poverty-stricken area last Wednesday, June 8 at the World Trade Center in Manhattan, New York City.

These chicks will be sent to 12 African countries from the stretch of Burkina Faso to Bolivia. A GMA News Online story cited the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation when they said that are where chickens are bread by the Heifer International. “Raising and selling chickens can lift families out of poverty, and a farmer breeding 250 chickens a year could make $1,250 US, said the Foundation, which is partnering with the Heifer International,” the story published June 9 wrote.

He believes that livestock is an effective way for families to start lifting themselves out of poverty.

“If you give a family a starting kit, which is sort of a rooster and several hens, then they’re breeding the chickens and using the eggs to make more chickens… They can take those chickens and sell them for $5,” People quoted Gates.

He is also targeting this project to be executed by African women as he envisioned to get them more empowered in their community.

Gates is also encouraging the online audience to participate in his project. In his interactive blog,, the tech mogul will post quiz questions. And for every person who got a correct answer, he will donate a flock of chickens.
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