Duterte: Drug tests for police will be mandatory

DAVAO CITY – Presumptive President-elect Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday said a mandatory drug test will be implemented in the Philippine National Police and even generals will not be spared from it.

Duterte told reporters here that the drug testing will be immediately implemented, a day after he takes his oath as President.

“On July 1. It will be a mandatory drug test, all of them, from generals (down to the lowest rank),” he said.
Duterte, known for his hardline stance against illegal drugs, said that he planned on using more advanced methods in drug testing and not just the usual urine test.

“The newer one, akin to the one being used to detect (blood sugar levels). I want them (generals) to do it before me. Others might want to do it in private but I would not allow it. What if you have bribed the watcher?” he said.

Calling the PNP one of the most problematic institutions, Duterte said that he  planned to effect a massive reshuffling within the law enforcement agency and those suspected to be involved in questionable activities would be the ones to go first.

He explained that the massive movement of people will include generals. He said those who would oppose it should immediately resign before he assumes office.

Erring authorities all over the country will face the brand of discipline that he enforced in Davao City, Duterte said.

“Those in Muntinlupa, you should also pack up,” he said, referring to prison officials. He even uttered invectives at them.

Duterte has been critical of prison officials assigned at the National Bilibid Prisons, especially in the wake of raids there that uncovered illegal activities among high-profile and notorious inmates, such as drug lords.

“You should be threatened because I will make true what I’ve said. You will get your due. Just wait,” he said.

Duterte disclosed that many syndicates were now being handled by police officials.

“It’s them (running the game now),” he said.

Duterte recounted the days when police officials only dreamed of “stainless jeeps.”

Now, many of them wanted mansions and other luxuries, he said.

Duterte said he wanted to reform the police force and that officials had to prove that they were worthy of the people’s money, from which they get their pay.

“This time they should prove to the people that they deserve their salary,” Duterte said.

He admitted that those involved in illegal activities may go after his head but he said he feared nothing.

“I have no illusions about power. I can go tomorrow and I’ve said that before,” Duterte said.
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