We Finally Know What The Walking Dead's Negan Was Doing Pre-Apocalypse

Readers of "The Walking Dead" comics have known for quite some time that Negan worked as car salesman before the zombie apocalypse started, but in the latest three pages of Image Comics' "Here's Negan," it was revealed that the villain also had a career in the field of education before the undead outnumbered the living.

 In the latest installment of the 48-page story, "Here's Negan," the eccentric titular character was presented as a school teacher and a table tennis coach before the departed began to rise from the dead.

According to ComicBook.com, the story for this month's installment started out with a younger and still sarcastic Negan coaching a few younger guys on their table tennis skills. After winning a ping pong match against one of his students, Negan belittled the pupil by using his flowery language and sexual references. The comics' TV adaptation doesn't always have the time to flesh out the backstory of its characters, but Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who plays Negan on the AMC series, is hoping that viewers of will get to know his character's history in season 7. "I talked to Robert Kirkman after we did 'Talking Dead' [on April 3] and he is kind of doing the backstory of Negan now, so whether or not or when we see that -- I hope we do," Morgan said (via Entertainment Weekly) during a conference call following the airing of the season 6 finale.
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