Tom Clancy’s ‘The Division’ Updates: Exciting Game Improvements To Expect This Month

One of the newly released game titles that has captured the interest of many players this year has been Tom Clancy’s “The Division.” Despite a game bug and glitches, gamers found themselves engrossed with its haunting and fascinating world. Exciting things are still in store for players with several game improvements to be introduced in April. The third-person shooter game Tom Clancy’s “The Division” will soon receive its first update that will not only address the game’s bug, but also introduce new elements to the game. Developer Ubisoft is set to release Update 1.1 that will feature one of two Incursions and other tweaks. A report posted on IGN has listed some of the new game improvements that will come with the upcoming patch.

Ubisoft will be adding several cool things in a free downloadable content with its upcoming Update 1.1 that includes the new “Falcon Lost” Incursion. This Incursion will have two difficulty levels, the Hard mode and Challenge mode, as stated in the same report. Players looking for something to test their skills may opt to try the difficult Challenge mode. However, game producers recommend securing items from the new Gear Sets before trying this level.

New High-End weapons and four new Gear Sets will also be introduced to “The Division.” Players who would be able to complete a Gear Set would gain a special new Talent. The upcoming patch will also replace the item level with a Gear Score once a player hits level 30.

Other game improvements also include item trading where players can drop a gear acquired from a successful boss battle so that other players in the same group can get it. Another would be big reward drops that players can acquire in the Dark Zone on an almost hourly basis. However, only the first person to reach the drop will be able to enjoy the rewards.

Another exciting enhancement would be the addition of a Group Spectator Camera where players, whose characters were killed in the game, may be able to follow the progress of other team members. Apart from new game elements, the upcoming patch will also address the glitch that has resulted to players being locked out from their accounts, as well as the infinite loading screens.

Meanwhile, gamers can also expect a new challenge system titled “Operation ISAC,” Gamespot reported. The said challenge system will also be introduced in the upcoming patch. Players can participate in the weekly in-game assignments that will be released every Tuesday. Gamers would also earn rewards from the assignments, however, Ubisoft has yet to disclose what they are.

The upcoming Update 1.1 for Tom Clancy’s “The Division” will be released on April 12 for PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One.
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