League Of Legends Taric Rework: Fabio Lookalike Surprise & The Ascent Comic Details Taric’s Current Lore

Riot Games has revealed more of the previous teasers and confirmed a champion rework for League of Legends Taric. For now, the reveal only covers his lore rework; no reworked skill kits and stats have been announced yet. Here’s the comic from the official North American site. The comic features a part of Taric’s lore and goals in climbing Mount Targon.


His former lore indicates that he was from a different world, but the comic identifies him as a Demacian, a citizen of a country in League’s story. Riot has culled enigmatic origins of human Champions, as seen in the previous Twisted Fate reworks. It also clearly references the previous Downfall trailer that shows a Gem falling on a patch of snow. The new champion title of League of Legends Taric will be “Shield of Valoran” instead of “Gem Knight.” Riot product manager Reav3 has confirmed that the character’s weapon will be a “three-pronged mace” instead of the former shield and hammer. In the early panels of the comic, Taric is seen discarding his hammer and shield to scale a snowy mountain, but his new weapon doesn’t have the gem growth of his former one.
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