Kanye West Reigns On Apple Music Despite Confusing Release

Kanye West released his album “The Life of Pablo” to non-tidal streaming sites, which includes Apple and Spotify, on April 1. This is despite his announcement few weeks ago that his album will never be on Apple. It is the potential first album to top the chart with virtually zero sales. This is definitely one of a kind achievement.


The release of “The Life of Pablo” became a huge hit to the point that the album is on its way to the peak of the chart. But would you believe that the Album of Kanye West was only for sale on his website? Well, some even considered this album as a declared success, why?

Hits Daily Double reported how the preliminary data suggests that with 90m streams, “The Life of Pablo” can put West in 60k at SEA. Although there were also sales from Nielsen SoundScan, those purchases had already happened weeks ago. Despite the time lapse, the statistics revealed that the album can reach the above mention equivalent units based on the entire TEA and SEA. It also has a big chance in ascending to the number 1 spot of Billboard 200 next week.

The rapper made his album exclusive for Tidal from February 14. Moreover, Apple or Spotify users may have been confused of how the release went. But West still nailed it on both services! Actually, he was able to take over the Apple Music! He got 10 out of top 15 songs, 7 out of top 10 songs, and 3 out of top 5 songs. The TLOP Album is on the top spot of Apple, according to Quartz.

Kanye West was not happy as over 500,000 copies of his album were illegally downloaded after the first day of its release at Tidal. Furthermore, he expressed his dismay that he was not happy with the said incident.
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