‘Fallout 4’ DLC Update: Get Ready For ‘Wasteland Workshop’ and ‘Far Harbor’!

“Fallout 4” has been out for a while now, but gaming behemoth Bethesda is not done with the game just yet. At least two DLCs are still being planned for release: “Wasteland Workshop” and “Far Harbor.”And yes, they are both as amazing as they sound. Express has reported that “Wasteland Workshop” will give players the ability to design and set cages sort of like traps to capture various creatures. That’s what the official description of the DLC basically boasts, but it is clear that there is so much more to it than that.


You can raise the [mutant] critters to your heart’s content and you can use them to host gladiator-like events in your own settlements. Yes, you can have “Deathclaw vs. Human” fights to the death, just like they did in Ancient Rome. Add the lightsaber mod, and you’re golden. But, of course, it goes either way. Not all of us are fans of good, old-fashioned violence, so you can raise a pet cat, too, if you like so. Hey, everyone just suffered the aftermath of nuclear fallout, so it’s safe to say that no one in the Wastelands has any right to judge. The trailer (which can be seen below) also boasts of many new building and design options for your settlements. There is a “do-it-yourself” vibe to the construction methods and the materials shown, featuring mostly corrugated metal and “loose electrical wires.” One amusing detail is that you can in fact stuff the heads of creatures you kill and mount them on a wall as prized decorations.

Meanwhile, more details have been revealed about the rumored “Underwater City” that can be found in Far Harbor. A recently released concept art shows deep-sea exploration in a somewhat deserted city dotted with derelict buildings. Talks of giant sea creatures are in, too, so players can expect those in the other DLC.

Endgadget says that “Far Harbor” will be out sometime this May. “Wasteland Workshop” is due for release this April 12.
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