Watch : Nate Diaz submits Conor McGregor UFC 196

In the main event of UFC 196, Nate Diaz shocked the world as he submitted Conor McGregor in the 2nd round of their welterweight scrap. Diaz had McGregor looking wobbly as he landed a combination, which prompted McGregor to shoot for a takedown. Diaz utilized his elite level Jiu-Jitsu to then submit McGregor with a rear naked choke. One of the wildest nights in MMA history concluded Saturday night in Las Vegas with 5-1 underdog Nate Diaz submitting brash-talking Conor McGregor in the second round of a non-title welterweight fight.

UFC 196 McGregor vs Diaz Full Fight
**FULL FIGHT**#UFC196 Conor McGregor vs. Nate DiazMMA Fight Night Live
Posted by MMA Fight Night Live 2 on Sunday, March 6, 2016
That came after Miesha Tate stopped women's bantamweight champion Holly Holm by submission in the fifth round of their title fight. Check out the fight-by-fight coverage of every bout. On the list of things that could’ve gone wrong for Conor McGregor, getting choked by Nate Diaz was perhaps the least surprising. What we know now is this: Conor McGregor should stay away from 170 lbs.

Nate Diaz is a fairly weak welterweight compared to the top of the division. Robbie Lawler would take years off McGregor’s life if they fought. Where could the Irishman be best? Lightweight. And that’s where he should probably fight next, but is he worthy of a title shot in another weight division in the face of getting stopped in the second round? I say no. McGregor should focus on 145. Frankie Edgar. Jose Aldo. Those are the guys that should be on the tip of his tongue, and if he can make the weight without risking his health this is where he should focus himself the rest of 2016. Nate Diaz pulls off a HUGE shock! McGregor swings and misses a spinning back kick. The cut around Diaz’s eye is fine and doesn’t appear to be hurting his vision. McGregor continues to advance and press. Diaz has held up well against McGregor’s power. He waits for McGregor to wade in and locks up around his waist. Ninety seconds into the second and the right side of Diaz’s face is covered in blood. McGregor is going for it now. Kick to the midsection followed by a jab to Diaz. Diaz’s size is paying off now. McGregor was hurt by a straight left.

He’s clearly felt Diaz’s power and is succumbing to the realities of fighting 25 lbs above his championship weight. Diaz is pouring it on. He’s working McGregor over on the clinch. McGregor is throwing everything he’s got and Diaz is turning it on. McGregor takes a desperation shot and Diaz is operating from full mount. Here’s comes Diaz with a rear-naked choke. It’s over! Nate Diaz has defeated Conor McGregor. No touching of the gloves, lots of jawing. This will be fun. McGregor switches stances, swings and mises on a big left hand. McGregor lands a solid left. The featherweight champion is looking for damaging shots early. Diaz pushes McGregor into the fence and is working him in the clinch. McGregor wings as they separate. McGregor is talking to Diaz. McGregor keeps looking for an overhand left. He’s missed badly a few times. Diaz slapped at McGregor as the Irishman closed ground. McGregor throws a hard leg kick that lands. Midway through the first and McGregor unfurls a pretty uppercut. Diaz is standing up well to McGregor’s power so far. Diaz scores a left of his own. He’s slapping away, mixing in short hooks and jabs. But McGregor is entirely relaxed as he stalks his gazelle. McGregor slips a jab and shakes his head. Diaz is cut up above his right eye. McGregor kicks and Diaz catches it into an easy takedown. The featherweight champion reverses and finishes the first of five rounds on top of the Californian. In the end the lack of a title doesn’t detract from the spectacle does it? No matter where he goes, regardless of weight, it’s the McGregor show. Diaz should be about 10 lbs heavier than McGregor. That size disparity could be most apparent on the floor, where Diaz is his most dangerous. Ireland has once again come to Las Vegas, courtesy of Mr Conor McGregor. The whole week has been dominated by Conor time, and he’s taken his sweet time to step into the MGM Grand Garden Arena as his music plays. Images of McGregor’s ring walk hit the screen, and Mystic Mac holds the Irish flag over his head. The women delivered in a big way ahead of the evening’s main event. Now Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz are about to settle their differences in the cage.
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