New Berserk Anime Has Been Announced for 2016

NBC Universal has announced that a new Berserk anime is being produced, and it's going to be based on the Black Swordsman Arc that will air in 2016! The studio and format of the anime was not revealed. he Black Swordsman Arc is the first published story arc in Berserk, and takes place chronologically after the often adapted Golden Age Arc. The 1997 Berserk anime condensed the Black Swordsman Arc to the first episode and teased it in the finale. The recent movie trilogy focused completely on the Golden Age Arc.

The story has Guts searching for God Hand, a powerful group of five members who serve the Idea of Evil. By this point of the story, Griffith is the fifth member of God Hand known as Femto. Guts' elf companion Puck is also introduced in the arc. NBC Universal said that they will showcase the first trailer for the Black Swordsman Arc at their winter Comiket booth, which takes place on December 29-31. However, no Berserk announcement would be complete without some bad news. Series creator Kentarou Miura said the manga will go on another hiatus, and said that it will come back "around summer" of next year. Miura came back from a 10 month hiatus in July, and has been working on an irregular schedule. The latest chapter came out on November 24th. Still, are you excited for a new Berserk anime?
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