Couple Caught Doing Intimate Public Display Of Affection In Their School Roof

When we are young and in love, public display of affection is too common. It’s a way of telling the world how much we love and how proud we are with our better half. However, a young couple’s public display went from common to scandalous, after they were caught on cam passionately kissing and grinding on their school roof. The two students, who were lying on the roof with a huge vandal saying “HHL I love you forever” next to them, were proudly showing their fiery feelings for one another, but things appeared to get intimate, quickly.

The couple can be seen in a very amorous position, with the boy lying on top of the girl and awkwardly grinding.

As if they were making love, just with their clothes on. LOL!

Unbeknownst to the couple, they were being filmed from a nearby rooftop, where the witnesses can be heard laughing and one even jokes they should give them some money so they can get a room.

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