Nexus Phones Could Be Replaced By ‘Pixel’ Phone As Google Considers Building Own Smartphone

Google is considering building its own Android smartphone from scratch, according to the latest rumors circulating on the Internet. This follows recent news of Google thinking about developing its own chips for Android mobile devices, as reported by BGR. After launching its Android mobile operating system, Google started offering Nexus-branded devices in partnership with various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). The Mountain View-based tech giant has previously joined hands with HTC, Motorola, Samsung and LG to build its Nexus range of devices. In its latest partnership, Google launched the new Nexus 5X by LG and the Nexus 6P manufactured by Chinese handset maker Huawei.

Despite rumors of Google ditching the Nexus smartphone program, the company has continued to offer Nexus handsets in order to allow its new Android releases to thrive, according to Fox News. A few years ago, Google purchased Motorola Mobility only to later on sell the company to Lenovo, though it still holds most of Motorola's patents that can be used for its Android ecosystem. Selling off Motorola could have been an unwise decision as there are now rumors of Google wanting to build its own Android smartphone. According to a new report from The Information, citing people who work for Google, the company is considering building its own smartphone. Google already makes its own hardware — the Chromebook Pixel laptop and the recently unveiled Pixel C tablet to be released shortly. Google could now also start making smartphones under the Pixel branding, possibly bringing an end to Nexus devices manufactured by third-party companies. Google sells its Nexus devices through its online store and could continue to distribute its Pixel smartphones in the same way, according to Softpedia. A Google-made Pixel phone would also make it easier for the company to roll out software updates by providing it with more control over the entire Android experience.
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