Uber is reportedly getting Hundred million dollar from Microsoft

Uber's long-term viability, as the company is now reportedly valued at around $50 billion thanks to interest from Microsoft. The Redmond, Washington-based software giant has reportedly invested $100 million in Uber, a move that delivers a staggering $10 billion jump in the company's valuation from its previous investment round late last year that had its valuation at roughly $40 billion. The investment round also includes India-based media firm Bennett Coleman & Co, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The large investments being poured into the ride-sharing app should come as no surprise, if the company's reported revenue numbers are to be believed. Late last year, one report, based on a leaked internal Uber document, estimated that the company's annual revenue for just its top five markets (NYC, San Francisco, Chicago, D.C. and Los Angeles) might have been around $1 billion as far back as 2013. A more recent report indicates that the company believes it may generate about $2 billion in net revenue in 2015. In comparison, earlier this year, competing ride-sharing app Lyft raised $530 million in funding, which valued the company at $2.5 billion. In that light, second place doesn't seem so bad, but with the new funding from Microsoft, Uber has further solidified its standing as the leader in ride-hailing apps for the foreseeable future. Microsoft's investment in Uber follows a high-profile deal in June in which Uber acquired Microsoft's Bing Maps technology. Additionally, Uber's new investment tie-up with the largest software company on the planet greatly expands the possibilities for Uber to leverage its service on Microsoft's platform in the future, as well as tap into Microsoft's technology research and enterprise expertise.
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