Justin Bieber's Bare Butt on Social Media

Justin Bieber posted a naked photo of himself that showed the singer’s fully nude butt on Monday, as he looked off at the water from the deck of a boat. Bieber didn’t need to, but he captioned the photo “look.”

While he may have been commenting on the blue water or green mountains in the distance, hundreds of thousands of fans clicked on to the picture to look at his remarkably non-tattooed ass. Sometimes when you want attention, posting a photo of your ass is a pretty good way to get it. So good on you Justin Bieber.

The singer took to Instagram yesterday to share the photo, in the guise of pointing at a mountain far off in the distance. Come on Justin, we all know you wanted to show us your butt. Bieber is currently in the South Pacific, and believed more specifically to be in Bora Bora. Earlier on Monday, The Biebs posted graphic photos of his pal Joe Termini, who had been was bitten by a shark on their vacation. Along with a picture of Termini laying down with his eyes closed and deep bloody wounds on his chest, Bieber wrote, “Exactly why i hate sharks,” adding, “They told us reef sharks don’t bite.” Bieber had previously been in Australia for a Hillsong Church conference.
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