Watch : Egyptian TV Show Pranks Paris Hilton

In a prank that makes Punk’d seem positively gentle and good-natured, an Egyptian show called Ramez in Control (Ramez Wakel el-Gaw) recently tricked Paris Hilton into thinking that her plane was about to go down in flames. Several minutes after takeoff, the aircraft starts emitting a strange smell and a warning sound that makes everyone really nervous. “Is this normal,” Hilton asks in the video. The pilot then lets the plane drop for a bit with the engines off and performs other various stunts while a few passengers actually grab parachutes and leap out the door.

The situation appears to go from bad to worse, as the plane plummets from the sky and the other passengers scream and cry. Paris, of course, absolutely loses her shit, poor dear. Watching what she believes to be her final moments is total torture porn. And it goes on. And on. And on. For minutes that feel like hours. I dare you to wach the whole thing without feeling sorry for Paris and absolutely HATING the people that are doing this to her. After it’s all over, and she’s safely sobbing on the runway, the host tells her it was all a prank. Her reaction is one of dazed incomprehension. She’s so shell-shocked she can’t believe anyone would be so cruel, but gamely tries to laugh it off for the cameras. It’s actually the most heartbreaking part of the video because you can tell she just wants to go sob alone in her hotel room not be ON for the cameras.

Watch the trending video below.

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