Mysterious Lady Throws Away $200000 Vintage Apple 1 Computer

The owner of a a rare Apple 1 computer who donated some electronic goods to a Silicon Valley recycling firm has no idea yet that a $100,000 check awaits her after it turns out that among her donated items was a legit original among only 200 Apple 1 computers built by Steve Jobs and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in 1976 and sold then for $667.00 each. CleanBayArea, the recycling firm in Milpitas, California, shared on its website that the woman who dropped in April some boxes of computer parts which included the rare find is probably in her 60s.

The lady, reports say, had cleaned out her garage after the death of her husband; hence, the donation act. Little did she know that among the items in the boxes was a 1976 Apple 1, which CleanBayArea was able to sell for $200,000 in a private auction. Following the recycler’s policy of splitting the proceeds with the individuals who donate, they deem it proper to give to the woman half of the amount gleaned from the auction a whopping $100,000. Described as a “historic relic” on trendingpinas, the 1976 Apple-1 was sold without a casing, power supply, keyboard or monitor, but it was the first personal computer with a fully assembled motherboard; at a time when personal computers were sold as self-assembly kits. Moreover, Apple 1 were reportedly dispatched from Steve Jobs’ parents’ house. Clean Bay Area recycles computers, lab equipment, test equipment and semiconductors. It deals mostly with businesses, but about five times a week individuals stop by with donations. The company doesn't pick up from individual donors. "I remember her," Gichun said. He said she was driving an SUV. He's not divulging any other descriptive information about the woman or her car. In the future, he said, he'll be more insistent about getting donors' contact information. To get her $100,000 check, the mystery woman just needs to show up at the company's warehouse at 1310 Piper Drive in Milpitas. "To prove who she is," Gichun said, "I just need to look at her."
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