I want a rematch! - Manny Pacquiao

A day after absorbing his sixth loss in his career against Floyd Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao said he’d like to take another crack at him. “My performance was not 100 percent,” he said. “It was only 60 percent.” Pacquiao attributed his underwhelming performance to an injured right shoulder. “I’m not even convinced of my own performance. I fought one-handed in that fight,” he said, adding the searing pain in his shoulder made it hard for him to throw power shots with his right hand. “I could only throw feints,” he said.

“I could not use my right hook.” Pacquiao, a southpaw known for the power in his left hand, also possesses a wicked right hook taught to him by Freddie Roach to widen his offensive repertoire. While his left hand worked fine during the fight, his right clearly was non-existent, allowing Mayweather to pick him apart with his signature stiff jabs en route to a unanimous decision victory. Pacquiao said he injured his shoulder while in training camp. A swollen red spot could also be seen on his shoulder during his fight. A Rematch Where He Gets To Use Both Hands Although both fighters have not ruled out a rematch, time may be running out for Pacquiao as Mayweather indicated in his post-interview his intention to retire after his last fight in September. According to Pacquiao, hopefully he will be the last fighter Floyd ever faces before he departs the ring for good. “I want a rematch, and this time I hope to use both of my arms against him,” Pacquiao said. “However, I have no excuse for losing the fight.” In the meantime, Pacquiao said he will have his shoulder checked to see if it needs surgery. If it does, then he will need two to three months to recuperate.
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