Mohagher Iqbal’s Real Name Revealed Soon?

The head of the Senate Committee on Local Government Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr. insisted on the importance of Iqbal’s real identity in the proposed peace process as Iqbal’s use of an alias may jeopardize the entire peace process. During the continuation of the public hearing on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law by the Senate Committee on Local Government on Monday, lawmakers tried but failed to get the real name of the chief peace negotiator of Moro Islamic Liberation Front, Mohagher Iqbal. “By using a nom de guerre, and claiming to represent the M.I.L.F., this person known as Iqbal places the entire peace process in jeopardy because he lacks the legal status to even represent and negotiate with the government,” Marcos said.

The M.I.L.F. chief negotiator admitted Mohagher Iqbal is just one of his many assumed names, but he repeatedly refused to divulge his real name; citing certain sensitivities he did not specify. He said he would only reveal his real name after the BBL is passed. “When the BBL is passed by Congress and hopefully ratified, that will be the time everything will normalize and we will disclose that. But at this point in time, I request the Honorable body not to compel me to reveal my identity,” Iqbal said. However, a report by Philippine Star on Tuesday, April 14, revealed that Iqbal’s real name is Lubis Abas. The report stated that according to sources, Mohagher Iqbal is known as Lubis Abas before he joined the Moro National Liberation Front. Mohagher Iqbal is the nom de guerre he was given during his military training in Pakistan. It is believed that his nom de guerre is derived from Muhammad Iqbal, a Muslim thinker, philosopher, poet and politician whose writings helped shaped Mohagher iqbal’s ideological outlook. When MNLF split in 1977, Iqbal joined the faction of Hashim Salamat who formed the MNLF New Leadership that would later become the M.I.L.F. in 1984. Iqbal also used Salah Jubair as his pen name when he wrote the book “Long Road to Peace: Inside the GRP-M.I.L.F. peace process,” which chronicled the developments in the Mindanao peace process.
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