Melissa Mendez gets offloaded from Cebu Pacific

Melissa Mendez was offloaded from a Cebu Pacific plane bound for Mindanao due to her alleged unruly behavior. Character actress Melissa Mendez was offloaded from a Cebu Pacific plane bound for Mindanao on Friday, March 20. Mendez was forced to get off from plane due to her alleged unruly behavior. According to athlete and model Andrew Wolff's Instagram post, Mendez who "smelled like a beer brewery", took the the reserved seat of him and his friend which resulted to a heated argument and a 30-minute of cursing from the actress. Andrew Wolff wrote on his post, “I've seen some crazy things in my life.

I regularly travel on planes for work, but this has got to be probably one of the most ridiculous things that I have experienced." "A certain Filipina actress, past her prime may I add, decided to use our reserved seats on the plane. After being asked to move by flight attendants, the captain and even ground security, she agreed to go to her seat (after 30 mins. of cursing)." "Kept claiming she was some sikat na star dati with initials M.M. She smelled like a beer brewery, you just knew something was gonna happen " "Anyway, half way to our destination to talk to our programmer in Mindanao, this "actress" decided to curse continually at my friend. She was given 2 warning cards by flight attendants, but didn't stop.

She punched my friend and the flight attendants and had to be restrained. " "The captain announced: 'Ladies and Gentlemen, I apologise, but we have to go back to Manila due to one unruly passenger'" "This video is of the initial offloading of this lovely character. Please note 20 ground staff were used just to offload one person. Fines include 500,000 pesos and 3 years imprisonment #WelcomeToTheGoodLife"
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