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Quadriplegic man's arm and hand brought back to life by thought-control tech

A quadriplegic man has had his right arm and hand brought back to life with the help of thought-control technology. Bill Kochevar, 56, was p...
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US diplomat hits back at Mosul civilian death claims

A former US ambassador to the United Nations has hit back at claims of an increase in civilian casualties in the battle for Mosul. John Bolt...
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Islamic State is 'broke' and struggling to pay its fighters

Iraq's former finance minister has told Sky News that Islamic State is nearly bankrupt and is running out of money to pay its fighters. ...
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Cubs of the caliphate: IS brainwashes boys to become deadly soldiers

There have been many horrendous propaganda videos produced by Islamic State, but the latest I have seen is genuinely the worst. It shows you...
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Battle for Mosul: Iraqi troops battle against 'strong resistance' from IS

Iraqi forces are facing waves of suicide car bombings as they attempt to push their way towards the Old City and recapture west Mosul from I...
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