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Cleveland Cavaliers vs Boston Celtics conference finals series preview

The #Eastern Conference Finals this year will make for the perfect ending to the back and forth battle the #Cleveland Cavaliers and #Boston ...
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What time & TV channel is the 2017 NBA Draft Lottery tonight?

On Tuesday night, the #2017 Nba Draft Lottery takes place and reveals which teams will select in which spots for June's NBA Draft. Right...
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Zac Efron to take on role of infamous serial killer

If there’s any sure sign to indicate that actor #Zac Efron of Disney’s “#High School Musical” fame has cemented a new image after moving on ...
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Georgia burglars fleeing police die after crashing vehicle into a pond

In happened early on Monday morning when police were chasing three #burglary suspects in Fayetteville. The Fayette County Sheriff’s office r...
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Katy Perry wants to win battle with Taylor Swift by dating her exes?

It’s no secret that #Katy Perry and #Taylor Swift are not exactly best of friends. The two superstars have been feuding for quite a long tim...
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Twin-engine plane with 4 people on board missing off the Bahamas

Jennifer Blumin, 40, a New York event space designer, was traveling in a small twin-engine plane with her pilot boyfriend, Nathan Ulrich, 52...
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